Dental Implant Coupon

It’s time to shed off your self-consciousness and visit us, to restore your smile. Nothing can take the place of a healthy set of teeth. Dental Implant is the perfect solution to your oral problems. Dr. Hossein Jahangiri, with his outstanding knowledge and efficiency in the field of Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, strives to make your experience with us painless.

Our dedicated staff works with enthusiasm, to help preserve your smile. Not only are we concerned about your smile, but also your health. We truly believe that preventive care and education are the key to optimal dental care. We, at our center, diagnose the overall health of your teeth and gums, perform oral cancer exams, and x-rays when necessary.

Vast developments in the areas of science and technologies have enabled dentists to come up with new ways to restore and enhance your smile. Dental Implant is a painless procedure to help you regain your missing tooth or teeth.

What are dental implants?

A dental Implant is a highly advanced titanium implant. It is an ideal solution for the replacement of natural teeth. It deals with the restoration of an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw. It involves crowning and abutment.

What Do We Do At Southern California Family Dentistry?

Dental Implant is rarely a simple procedure. A missing tooth, for a long period of time, causes withering of jaw bones. We, at our center follow a thoughtfully planned procedure to help develop patients’ and dentist relationship. Our methodology is enlisted below-

• Providing you with a dental implant consultation, thus enabling you to decide, whether you are in
need of a dental implant or not.

• Clarifying your desire, understanding the situation and determining the best that can be done
for you.

• Providing you with dental implant alternatives, if and when required.

• Putting you through our state of the art panoramic x-ray facility for proper diagnosis
necessary prior to the procedure.

The dental implant treatment plan is constructed only after x-rays, diagnostic casts, and after a comprehensive dental implant examination has been performed.

Sleep Dentistry

What Is It?

Sleep Dentistry involves the use of pharmacological agents for coping with the dental anxiety of nervous patients. It helps to calm and relax a patient prior to and during a dental appointment.

What Do We Do?

Dr. Jahangiri is licensed to offer “Sleep Dentistry” for all aspects of dentistry which only less than 5% of General Dentists in California are qualified to provide.

Our use of In-I.V. conscious sedation/ analgesia to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during our procedure.

We ensure prior arrangements if you have conscious sedation. We advise that a responsible adult be present with you to take you home.

We provide you with proper guidelines to be followed prior to, and after sedation.

Before proceeding, our nurse asks for details pertaining to your medical history, medication, allergies and prior experiences with I.V. Conscious Sedation.

We also provide you with complimentary implant consultation at our center. To know more about our services and offers, contact us.